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Xmotos exclusivity dealer net
Date:2009.12.06 Timer:14:39:24

The XMOTOS brand continues to grow in strength around the world, fueled by market success and innovation, and aided by our global network of dealers.

We are proud to announce that exclusive distribution networks have been established in the following countries with the following products.

Thailand: XTR125, XTR200, XP125, XTT150, XTT200, X33MD50, X34MD50 & X33MD125.

Argentina: KODIAC 250

Australia: XTP150, XPR140 & XPR160

Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Luxemburg: E-Bike

GIO of Canada: Contact XMotos Sales Team for further information.

We are confident that this is the start of a mutual business relationship that will be beneficial for both companies futures.

Please contact your Xmotos sales representative for further information about distribution networks or just a simple question.

XMotos Sales Team.

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